Synergy Urban Villages Inc. was the only developer in Atlantic Canada, selected by Canada Mortgage and Housing, to create a Net Zero Energy demonstration home. Moncton’s “Vision Home”, to be constructed in Hall’s Creek, will be fully sustainable by incorporating renewable technologies, ICF envelop construction and passive solar design. Over the course of a calendar year, this home has the capacity to generate as much energy as it needs, thus producing a $0 utility bill.

Hall’s Creek home owners will be able to take advantage of the any (or all) of the following energy-saving initiatives to achieve various levels of efficiency, up to Net Zero.

Moncton Vision Home - The ONLY CMHC Equilibrium Home in Atlantic Canada


Smart-sizing is making the intelligent decision to balance lifestyle with your square footage requirements. When you smart-size, you get the home you want while minimizing your capital, maintenance and operating costs. 

Passive Solar Design

Planning to build the most-used rooms or living spaces on the south side of the home and incorporating large windows where possible, allows the home owner to take full advantage of the sun’s natural energy. The kitchen, living room, dining room and den areas should all be constructed on the south side of the home, with bedrooms on the north side.

Configuring your home plan to harness the power of the sun creates $0 additional cost to your home budget. It is the smartest, cheapest thing you can do for personal sustainability.

Lower sun positioning during peak sunlight hours in the winter months will heat the main living areas of the home, while the lesser-used rooms (bedrooms, bathrooms, utility) remain cooler. During the summer months, the sun sits higher in the sky. With proper shades incorporated into the home design, the heat will not radiate nearly as much through the south-facing windows, keeping the home cooler and reducing the need for air conditioning.

Geothermal Systems

Multi-unit projects such as Urban Cottages will benefit from shared energy resources, such as solar panels, solar hot water and geothermal heating.

A geothermal system can reduce your energy costs by 66-75% on a single family home. Sharing a system makes the initial installation costs far more economical and will pay off from day one, producing $3.50 worth of energy for every $1 it costs to run it.
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